Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can you believe how rude these people are?

I was out and about St. Louis last weekend and I got hungry. I was not really that close to home, and I was very hungry, so I stopped in a nice looking house, and they were just sitting down to lunch. How lucky! I was hungry; they were having lunch, a perfect connection! I sat down at the table next to some old guy and waited to get some grub. But can you believe that these rude people actually asked me to leave? They were all like, “Who are you?” And, “What are you doing in our house?” They actually threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave! Can you believe it? I tried to explain to them that I was hungry and that being hungry is a personal thing and did not affect them. Appetite and hunger is from God, so ultimately, these rude people were trying to interfere with my personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Now that is rude, that is more than rude…it’s… (Gasp)…intolerant! HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE DENY MY PERSONAL RIGHTS!! I should call the police on them! They are sure to see my side of things! Maybe I can petition the Supreme Court and make it unconstitutional to deny anyone free range of your dining table!

That’s what I’ll do! No one, not even God Himself, has the right to deny me a personal relationship between me and my stomach! And, if some rude person dares to serve some food that I am deadly allergic to, I will also be within my rights to sue them! HA HA!! I think I’ve stumbled upon something great here. I mean, it works in the Church, why not for me?

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Preachrboy said...

The Nerve!

Don't these people know that all houses and dining rooms and meals are basically the same anyway?? What does it matter where you eat?

I bet they had the nerve to try and tell you what it was you were eating, too, huh? I mean, it doesn't really matter that they believe they are eating steak. You think it's chicken, then by golly, you're eating chicken!

And I wouldn't worry about being allergic to the food, anyway. After all, that's just what the medical manuals say - and we know that even though they are written by doctors - the editors might have changed some things here and there, so you really get to choose whether you want to believe in allergies or not.

I hear sometimes people like this even post kind warnings for visitors - but you just go ahead and keep ignoring those. What a joke, right?