Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent Midweek Sermon Series

This year at Good Shepherd we are looking at Blessed Unions during the Advent Season. Last week it was Adam and Eve. Through that blessed union we have the disgraceful fall of humanity into sin, but we also have the promise of the Messiah in Genesis 3:15. In Luke's geneaology we see how Christ is the fulfillment of that promise as His lineage is taken all the way back to that first father Adam. Through Adam all men die, through Christ all men now live. This week we will look at the blessed union of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through the faithfulness of Mary and Joseph Christ was brought into the world. How easy it would have been for Mary to lie about the blessing that God planted in her virgin womb. How easy it would have been for Joseph to demand satisfaction for his wounded honor. But through their faithful union, to one another and to their heavenly Father, they were made partakers of righteousness through Christ, their Son and Lord. Finally, we will look at the blessed union of Christ and His Bride, the Church. Christ came into the world for the sole purpose of giving life through His perfect and atoning life, death and resurrection. As He came once in blessing, putting on our flesh, with healing in His wings, so He will come again in judgment, establishing His eternal kingdom which will have no end. His holy Bride, the Church, will be perfectly and eternally united in that most blessed union.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Issues, etc Pastor's Roundtable on the Second Petition of the Lord's Prayer

Why ought we to pray without ceasing?

Here is a wonderful story, adapted from the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales that illustrates beautifully the reason we ought to pray without ceasing.

There once was a sly, cunning old Fox that roamed the world. Once, during his roaming, he came to a meadow in which was a flock of fine fat geese. When he saw these fine fat geese he smiled and said to them, "I come at the nick of time, you are sitting together quite beautifully, so that I can eat you up one afte the other." The geese cackled with terror, sprang up, and began to wail and beg piteously for their lives. But the sly, cunning old Fox would listen to nothing, he had heard all the wails and begging before. He looked at them very cooly and said, "There is no mercy to be had! You must die."

One of the smarter geese mustered up her courage and said, "If we poor geese are to yield up our vigorous young lives, show us the only possible favor and allow us one more prayer, that we may not die in our sins, and then we will place ourselves in a row, so that you can eat us all up from the fattest to the thinnest." "Yes," said the Fox, "that is a reasonable request. Pray away, I will wait till you are done." Then the first began a good long prayer, forever saying, "Lord, have mercy!" and as she would make no end, the second did not wait until her turn came, but began also, "Lord, have mercy!" The third and fourth followed her, and soon they were all cackling together seeking mercy from their Maker.

When they have done praying, the story shall be continued further, but at present they are still praying, and they show no sign of stopping.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

***UPDATE***St. Nicholas Day Open House

***Due to some illness in the Roemke household, the St. Nicholas Open House will now be on Sunday, December 14th at 2 pm.***This Saturday, December 6 Middleville is having their annual Christmas Parade. Good Shepherd will have a float in the parade this year (brrrr and yay!) After the parade, anyone who would like to come is invited to our home for hot spiced cider, hot chocolate, and other finger foods prepared by the Mistress of Liverhedge, the fine Lady Lesa. The parade starts at 5 pm (meet at the church at 4 to assemble and get your marching orders!) After the parade our house will be open in joyful thanksgiving for all the blessings our loving Father has bestowed upon us this past year, for the faithful witness of St. Nicholas, and chiefly in thanksgiving for the saving work of Christ Jesus who comes to us in humility and love this Advent season.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Issues, etc and the Second Petition of the Lord's Prayer

This Thursday, December 4th (Also the commemoration of John of Damascus) I will be participating in a Pastor's Roundtable on Issues, etc on the Second Article of the Lord's Prayer from 4-5 pm Eastern Time. Hope you can listen!