Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Importance of Sacred Space

In previous posts I have shared my prayer habits and practices. The establishment of “sacred space,” that is a space devoted entirely to God and His worship, a place that is set apart from the daily tasks, a place that is special and reflective of one’s faith is, I believe, very important in our faith lives.

I have set up in my home a small prayer altar. It is just a bookcase with a crucifix, Bible, candles and a place to burn incense, but it has enriched my prayer life and devotions. It is a place set apart from all the cares and concerns of my day, a place with limited distractions, a place for me to be quite and know that God is the Lord.

Now, mind you, I am NOT saying that this cannot be done without “sacred space.” In any and all circumstances we are able and privileged to call upon the Lord. We have the blessing, because of Christ, to go boldly before the throne of God with our prayers and supplications. We who have been baptized have received the righteousness of Christ and in a very real sense are always covered with “sacred space.” What I am suggesting and even advocating is using set apart “sacred space” as a tool, a help for meditation on God’s holy Word, a focusing upon the sacrifice of Christ.

The main reason for this post is that this weekend, and for at least the next two weekends, at my vicarage congregation we have to worship in the gym because of remodeling. My bishop and I went to great lengths to turn the gym into a worshipful, meaningful “sacred space” so that the minds and senses and hearts of the people would not be focused on the basketball hoops, but where they should be focused, on Christ and Him crucified.

I encourage those who read this post to consider setting aside a “sacred space” for your prayers and devotions. It can be a real blessing to have a Sabbath rest away from the everyday toils and trials of life.