Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Behold...it is Good!

So, let me give you a glimpse into many of my converstaions with my dear and wonderful wife:
Me: Baby, you've got to see this cool cross/liturgical doo-dad/book/icon! Isn't it the coolest thing ever?!?
My Wife: (Somewhat exasperated and suspicious) Yeah, it's ok, why do you ask?
Me: I really want to get it and it's only so much, I really need it, can I get it?
My Wife: (sighs) Do you REALLY NEED another cross/liturgical doo-dad/book/icon? I mean, our small apartment is already filled, do you really NEED another thing?
Me: (conceding) You're right. (sighs) I guess I don't REALLY NEED it, but it's so cool!
My Wife: I know, Baby. Maybe later.

I thank God for a wife that is so fiscally conservative and is willing to tell her adorable and persuasive husband "no" when he needs to hear it.

However, this time I had a real reason! The Lutheran Service Book!! I have to know what's going on with our new hymnal, and my wife, although somewhat reluctantly, saw the wisdom in this and agreed that it would be good for us to have a copy.

What can I say about this fantastic new hymnal? I mean, it's beautifully put together, it has a big variety of service options, it just could not be any better in my humble opinion! I love it!

When I first opened it, I fully expected a choir of angels to starting singing and light to eminate from its pages (that is how excited I was about getting it!) I know, and I embrace my dorkiness in this area. So there is no need for comments about it! If your church is considering adopting this new hymnal, encourage it, if your church needs new hymnals, get this one! Also, the book Worshiping with Angels and Archangels: An Introduction to the Divine Service is an excellent and very reasonably priced resource to go along with the new hymnal. Check them both out, and for heaven's sake, get excited about Lutheran Worship!

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