Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Confirmation of a seminarian

Vicarage is a very magical and intensive time in any seminarian's life. I have been thinking that a better name for Vicarage might be “Seminary Confirmation.” And instead of Vicars, we’d be called Confirmands. I know we already have confirmation and confirmands, but in the four months that I’ve been a Vicar, the thing that strikes me the most is how I have been “confirmed” in my desire to serve God’s Church and His people with Word and Sacrament.

The process of Vicarage is absolutely essential for forming LCMS pastors. It gives so many opportunities to “stretch our wings” before we are set free at ordination.

So, to any of you who struggle to fully explain what the heck vicarage is, just say it's like confirmation for seminarians (except we generally tend to stay in the church after it's done!) I think that is the best explanation of the true intent and purpose of the Vicarage year.