Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The word "Hoosier"

**I was born and raised in Indiana. I went to Indiana University and growing up I had many shirts with "Hoosiers" emblazoned across the front. Some of you who read this will be laughing because, outside of Indiana, the word "Hoosier" is a derogatory term meaning, what we call in Indiana, redneck, hillbilly, white trash, etc. People in Indiana just are not aware that this bad meaning is out there.

I had actually never heard the word used in that way until I moved to St. Louis. I was shocked, appalled and indignant to hear this familiar word that I had always worn proudly used in such a callous and insensitive way. It is my goal (and my wife's too) that the use of this term for any other than noble purposes be stopped. That is how and why I chose the name of this site.

For more info on the word Hoosier and the special place it holds in the hearts of all those who long for corn fields, basketball and have a penchant for red and white, check this out

**This posting is done with some serious tongue-in-cheek. Although I do not endorse nor will I let anyone use "Hoosier" in its derogatory form, I really do not get my panties bunched up about it. Since this is one of my first posts I thought it would be good to differentiate between serious and non-serious posts (I know, I'm a dork, get over it.)


Preachrboy said...

You hoosier.

Welcome to the blogging world, Jim!


Jim Roemke said...

Thanks Tom, this is really fun, plus my wife is happy I have an outlet for my "creative" (aka, wind bag) talents!