Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Vicarage Goals and Prayer

Christ washing the Disciples feet
The big day is getting closer! On Monday my wife, cats, ferret and I will drive down to Texas to serve St. John Lutheran Church as Vicar. As it gets closer I am pondering more and more what it means to be their Vicar, or a servant of God’s people in general.

The ministry is one of the few professions remaining that is not just a job, but a life. I grew up on a farm, my cousins are farmers, my dad and uncle are both farmers, and my grandpa was a farmer. They never punched a time clock. It was never “quitting time” for them. I am thankful to have had that model growing up because it has prepared me for entering the ministry.
Pastors and vicars don’t have a quitting time either. I know, the trend is sadly going toward a 9-5 “servant” (as long as it's not inconvenient) of the Word. But my attitude as I begin serving as a vicar is one of real service. I want to establish a relationship with the church I will be serving. I want to be more than the guy who preaches once in a while, or does liturgy, or visits you in the hospital. I want to be the vicar who the people know they can call at 2 am if they have an emergency. I want to be the guy they invite to their kids' graduations, confirmations, weddings, etc. I want to be the kind of vicar that is not puffed up with his own theological training. I want to be the kind of vicar who is ready to serve and show the love of Christ.

It will be difficult at times. I am a sinner, just like everyone else. But I think its important to make goals and expectations for yourself. I didn’t get to this point on my own, the Lord has been with me all along. I pray that He would use me as a humble instrument, to work under His called servant of the Word. I pray that the Spirit would teach me, that I would be open to learn, open to criticism, open to growth.

As I begin “vicaring” (if that is a word), I pray for God’s guidance.
+ + +
Holy God, may Your love, grace, comfort and wisdom attend me as I embark to serve Your people as a vicar. May I be attentive to the direction of my Bishop, may I be mindful of the needs of Your people, may I be ever lead by Your rod and staff. I have nothing apart from Your loving-kindness. Help me with Your Holy Spirit to serve as Christ as showed us how.


Rev. Todd Peperkorn said...

Where is this church you're going to serve?

Jim Roemke said...

It is in Hamilton Texas about two hours south of Dallas-Fort Worth.