Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is this true?

I heard today from two reliable sources that CPH's Women Pastors? has officially had its certification challenged, and it will probably be pulled. There is some speculation that President Kieschnick is somehow involved and in favor of this move. I would like to have this report either confirmed or denied by someone who knows. I had been hearing rumors about it since Issues, etc. was shamefully cancelled on Holy Tuesday. Perhaps brother McCain could shed some light on the subject? Anyone else know about this?

If this is true, it is certainly disturbing news and faithful pastors and laity need to stand up for the true Biblical teaching on the role of women in the Church.

I would certainly hope and pray this is not the case considering Pres. Kieschnick affirmed the Biblical teaching that women are to not hold the pastoral office. However, in the same letter he does acknowledge that there are some disagreements about the role of women in the church.

Please, clear this up someone. There are too many unspoken, unpleasant goings on in our synod. If this is or is not happening, let's clear it up soon.


Becca Boo said...

If a woman decides to become a pastor, then that's her calling. What more is there to it?

jaroemke said...

Scripture does not permit a woman to hold this office. You may disagree, but then you are not going to want to be in the Missouri Synod (or the majority of worldwide Christianity).