Monday, June 30, 2008

The Crucifix...

is only TOO Catholic if Christ only died on the cross of Roman Catholics. I was listening recently to an archived episode from Issues, etc. with Rev. James Wetzstein on Church Architecture (see March 18, 2007). Several of the callers (so far) have expressed their distress at having to "nice" of a church. One caller in particular made that "ol' time religion" (read, generic American protestant dribble) argument that we don't need to keep putting Christ on the cross. I'm sure any pastor who has ever had this conversation is tired of hearing about "my Jesus" that people seem to think is somehow different than the Jesus who died for their sins. "My Jesus isn't on that cross anymore!" "My Jesus is Resurrected! Take that awful thing off the altar (or out of the sanctuary)!" "I'm not Catholic!!! My Jesus is alive!"

Those arguments are all dangerously bordering on mocking that most precious gift of God in the sacrifice of His Son for YOU! Your Jesus did die for your sins! Your Jesus bore the burden of every sinful, blasphemous, mocking thought! Your Jesus did hang on that cross for you, He bled for you, suffered for you and died for you! If that isn't YOUR Jesus on the cross, then its not YOUR Jesus who was raised and it is not YOUR Jesus who continuously offers His own Body and Blood for your forgiveness.

Enough of this foolish argument. Christ died for sinners, of which I am chief! We preach Christ crucified. Look to Him on the cross and give thanks for the loving-kindness and steadfast love of the Triune God offered on the altar of the Cross.

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Anonymous said...

Boy are you on a roll this week. I'm not sure Issues Etc is good for your health. Have you been sleeping???