Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cell Phones in Church

If your cell phone is going to ring in church...during the least follow the example of Ken, make sure its a cool ring-tone, one the Pastor can easily embarass you about after church. I don't know, I guess "The Imperial March" (aka "Darth Vader's Theme") would be a good one!

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Arellanova said...

I just about cried from trying to hold in my laughter. He was so embaressed, because usually in church, restruants, and movie theaters he is the one checking with me to see if mine is turned down or off.

But, you know, if you ARE going to have a moment like that, the Vader Theme is one of the best ones to have......

....and I will share a not-so-much-secret, but that particular ringtone only goes off when one of his parents call ..... :P