Monday, January 14, 2008

Is there a connection...

Between the generation (mostly, from what I can discern, in my grandparents age, commonly called the "greatest generation") that was told by "knowledgeable" doctors, nurses, mothers, friends, etc. that breast feeding their babies was the worst thing they could do and the same generation that was told by "knowledgeable" pastors, district presidents, seminaries, etc. that weekly communion was the worst thing they could do???

It seems to me that there must be some connection and it seems the connection lies in some uber-confidence in the know-how, intuition and ultimate perfection of man through scientific reason and theory. In both instances, the good gifts of God, given for the perfect nourishment of His people are utterly disregarded in favor of a starvation diet of the intellect.

As my lovely wife and I are taking pre-birthing classes, I am amazed, as are many of the younger nurses and doctors, that there was ever a time when something as perfect as breast feeding would have been cast aside. My parents generation, and in many cases, my own generation are now reaping the bitter fruit of that "wisdom" of men with lowered immunities, hightened allergies and a long list of other possible ailments that came from this denial of God's provision.

Many of my peers in the Office of the Holy Ministry are also amazed that there was ever a time when pastors, well-meaning or not, would have denied the faithful feeding of their flocks. Our Church is also reaping that bitter fruit with apathy, spiritual anemia, allergic reactions to sanctification, and general disease.

And yet, there are still some die-hards who insist breast feeding is not nearly as good as formula, those same die-hards insist that weekly communion is not nearly as "special" as monthly, or even, God forbid, quarterly communion.

What a shame. God, preserve us from looking too highly on our own abilities and know how and turn us to Your perfect wisdom which shines forth from the bright light of the Incarnate Word!

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