Friday, June 29, 2007

The Rose's Thorn

I have long wondered why people find the grace and forgiveness of God freely given in Christ is such a hard concept, myself included, to freely accept. I think I may have tje beginnings of an idea.

When our sinful nature is presented with its true depravity it wants to flee. When I, as a pastor, present people with God's Word of Law they often want to put the blame on someone else. They want to try to justify themselves by saying "At least I didn't do that or this!" If we are given forgiveness then that means we have to admit to wrong doing, and that is not comfortable for anyone.

Jesus comes as a sweet smelling rose, but to receive the benefits that He gives, we are rightly pricked with the thorn of His Law and convicted by His own perfect obedience. While the prick lasts only a moment and is out-weighed by the benefit of the rose, some people do not want even a momentary uncomfortableness and would rather live without the sweetness and beauty of the rose.

The Law hurts, it's meant to. The Law makes the Gospel all the more sweet and without it the Gospel is not free, but worthless. The Law gives the Gospel its value and worth.

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