Friday, June 08, 2007

Pastoral Care Companion

I got this beautiful and very handy little book as an Ordination gift. So, what does a pastor do?

Services and Rites
*Holy Baptism
*Enrollment of Sponsors
*Individual Confession and Absolution
*Visiting the Sick and Distressed (including annointing with oil)
*Communion of the Sick and Homebound
*Blessing of a Mother after Childbirth
*Anniversary or Affirmation of Holy Matrimony
*Commendation of the Dying
*Comforting the Bereaved
*Funeral and Committal
*Blessing of a Home
So what do all these services and rites mean? It means that I, as a pastor, want to be involved in my people's lives, in all levels, and share with them God's blessings in His Word.

From Baptisms to Funerals, from Weddings to Home Blessings.

My beloved saints at Good Shepherd, do not hesitate to call on me to be your pastor. It is my great privilege and joy to share God's Word in your life.

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