Sunday, June 17, 2007

It went pretty well...

My first Divine Service as Pastor of Good Shepherd, that is. Being given the great responsibility and honor of serving God's people with His Word and Sacraments did make me a bit nervous, though (as it probably should.) I chanted the entire Divine Service 3, which I think went well. I got to wear my new chasuble from Kanel Bros. (I'll post some pics later this week, but it is beautiful and it matches the altar and pulpit paraments perfectly!)

What an indescribable joy and honor it is to feed the Good Shepherd's sheep! May He always go before me to prepare their hearts, with me that I may be made worthy and faithful of the task and after me to nourish and fortify the seed of His Word!

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Pastor Krenz said...

It is always good. It is not always pleasant. It is not always painless. But it is always good. Thanks be to God.