Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh where, oh where has my little car gone?

Yesterday morning I woke up and got ready to go to class. I opened the blinds and looked out the window and could not believe what I saw (or rather, what I did not see!)

Our new car was not in it's parking spot! I had a moment of disbelief! Had I forgotten where I parked it? Surely not! Then I call to my wife and tell her, she thinks I'm joking, but unfortunately I was not. Our car, the one we have had less that 3 months was stolen! Gone without a trace!

It shook us up and we are praying that it would be returned, and we ask anyone who may read this blog to pray about this situation. Currently we are driving a rental (provided by insurance).

If anyone owns a Dodge, buy the Club. The Police Officer told us the Dodge vehicles were the easiest to break into (something about the lock mechanism).

What a hassel, what a headache! It's moments like these that take our eyes off of Jesus. Funny how the "little things" seem to do that more so than the really big ones.

Lord, help us in all circumstances to give thanks to You, for no matter what, our salvation is assured by Your all-atoning sacrifice.

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