Monday, April 30, 2007

It seldom happens...

that something is so much better than you ever thought possible. Many times good things will happen, but it's not often that those good things just keep getting better. For example, it was a good thing that I received a call on Call Day, it was better that it was close to our families, it was better still that they were looking for a traditional, conservative Lutheran pastor, but after our first visit to the village of Middleville this weekend, we just don't know what to think!

We arrived at a beautiful little white church. As you will see in the pictures in the link, it is a charming and reverent place of worship. We were greeted by the vacancy pastor, Rev. Goltz. Entering the church for the first time was a delight, my own words just cannot express it, so look at the pictures in this link!

And the people were wonderfully welcoming to us. Everyone seemed so happy to meet us! They had a cake for us after church (welcoming us, they even spelled Lesa's name right! My Dad doesn't even do that!) The level of education and devotion these people exhibited for the Lutheran faith was a real blessing. It happens much to infrequently these days that Lutherans know what they believe and are not ashamed of what they believe. My first impression of the congregation at Good Shepherd was that they not only know what they believe, they take great delight in the Cross of Christ and the Word and Sacraments.

In short, I could not ask for anything better!

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