Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Joys

There is no greater joy that I have ever known in my life to this point than that of sharing the holy Christian faith with my daughter. I take her with me when I pray Matins, Vespers and Compline (not every time, but often). The beauty of sharing that with her is beyond words. I know she doesn't understand it yet, but she really seems to love my singing and the candles and the different atmosphere.

The week after Easter we will take our little one to be drowned and reborn in the waters of Holy Baptism. It will be my first baptism. I'm sure that will be another inexpressible source of joy as well. Despite all the late and sleepless nights, the poopy diapers, the spit-up, the crying, and general high demand of having a child, it is the most wonderful thing ever. I thank God for the gifts of wife and child! Blessed be the name of the Lord, for His mercies are from generation to generation!

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