Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Real Dilemna

There are so many ins and outs when buying a house! It makes your head spin. We have been looking around at home-owners insurance. We have always been happy with State Farm for all our insurance needs, but they just could not beat the premiums offered by Farmers. This is the dilemna. I really like being faithful to businesses that have good customer service. I think its important to reward good business practices, but as a young pastor with a child on the way, buying our first house, we just cannot afford to be faithful to the best service. We have to go with the least expensive.

I HATE that it has to be this way, as I mentioned above, we have always been very pleased with State Farm, just as we are often much more pleased doing our business with smaller or more specialized stores as opposed to the "big box" retailers. It really makes me feel bad to do this, but what makes me feel worse is when people do this kind of thing to the Church. They are not looking for the "cheapest," but for the church that offers the most, for their children, their parents, their dogs, cats, whatever. People by and large do not look for the church that is faithful to Scripture above all else. People only want what makes them feel better, what fits their "needs." I feel like I am doing the same on some levels by leaving one company for another for a difference of $140 per year.

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Chuck Wiese said...

The cheapest rates I found for our house in Middleville was through Farm Bureau. But, unfortunately our Farm Bureau Insurance guy won't give up on trying to sell me life insurance.