Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guess who's ABLAZE!

That's right, now that he has stood before his maker, that ol' arch fiend and holder of the office of the anti-Chirst, Pope John Paul II, has seen the light! Who knew that in all the issues Lutherans and Catholics have disagreed upon over the years, the ABLAZE! program would actually unite us, even after death? The pope has officially been Fanned into Flame! Ecumenism will never be the same!


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I'd like to know how they thought it was JPII, not JP, Leo X, or any of the previous Benedicts.

Jim Roemke said...

Good point, I guess they just went with their heart, and that burning feeling told them it had to be JP2.

Anonymous said...

Bill Dissen
member of Messiah Lutheran
Kenosha, WI.

No comments until there is
further clarification. When there were world headlines about agreement between Lutherans and Catholics, the Kenosha News published my VOP letter proving that there was NOT agreement and NO priest or layman complained to me.

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

Bill, thanks for the comment. This post was in jest. The picture shows what some Roman Catholics believed to be a miraculous image of Pope John Paul II. I jokingly compared this to the Missouri Synod's Ablaze movement, which was popular some years ago. The vital issues that first caused Rome to excommunicate Luther and continue in false doctrine still separate us.
By the way, my very good friend, Pastor Tom Chryst, is in your area for a bit longer. Do you know him?

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

Also, Bill, I really appreciate your comment. It is a good thing that the laity should always be asking pastors for clarification. If the pastor is found to be in some sort of error, it gives him a chance to repent and get back on track. If he has not been found to be in error, he has the chance to thank God that good Christians are concerned with the right teaching of the Gospel. Don't ever be afraid to question any pastor, if they are being faithful they will thank you for it!