Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bound in our Freedom.

God has given us freedom in Christ. That is a remarkable and wonderful gift. A gift that He gives freely and a gift that truly frees us. However, some would take that good gift and pervert it. Some would take the freedom we have in Christ and try to bind us with it, to make us slaves, no longer to the Law of God, but to the freedom He has given us!

How often is the plea made, “We have freedom in the Gospel”? How often is that plea made to justify some unusual practice in worship, or to promote the ordination of women, or the acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle? How often is that plea made with the intention of binding and alienating all detractors? “Our worship practice has implications for our doctrine and theology…” “WE HAVE FREEDOM!! in the gospel.” “God’s Word is very clear that women should not…” WE HAVE FREEDOM! the gospel.” “Homosexuality is clearly not…” “WE HAVE FREEDOM!”

Where’s the Gospel?

The next time you are shut down for being conservative, the next time you are made to feel like the devil for demanding faithfulness to God’s Word, the next time someone tries to bind you with some alien freedom, remember this, “For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all…” (I Cor. 9:19a)


pro-jewish said...

Just as Adolf Hitler burnt books, you delete comments.

Why do you practise the same censorship?

You must face up to the historical truth.

Answer this question: did Martin Luther write "On the Jews and Their Lies" ?

If so, why do you wear the name "Lutheran"?

Why not give up this shameful association as a gesture of goodwill to all humanity?

Or will you run away by deleting this comment?

Jim Roemke said...

I will not respond any more than this to someone who is more cowardly than Hitler and who hides behind psuedonymes and anonymity: I am a Lutheran because Lutheranism is the most perfect understanding of God's Holy Word. I do not endorse the wholesale slaughter of any people, I do not hate all Jews (however, there is one that I am beginning to strongly dislike.) This is my blog, if you want a forun for your own misguided and wicked thoughts I suggest you get one. I will delete all further comments in this thread.