Monday, July 03, 2006

Never assume...

I was talking with someone today and he reminded me of something I learned at the seminary. Something very important, something that, in its simplicity, is often and tragically overlooked: That something is to never assume the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Take every chance you can to proclaim it boldly! So, think its high time that I take an opportunity to do just that.

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ you ask? It is simply this: God loves us while we are unlovable, He cares for us when we are uncaring, He gives when all we want to do is take, He creates when we destroy. How do we know this? He gave His only Son, the only one BEGOTTEN, that is of the same substance, of the Father. He lived among us, ate like us, slept like us, was tempted like us, sorrowed like us, suffered like us and died like us. This only begotten and perfect Son of the Most High paid for us. He paid the awful price and penalty of our sins. He bore them on the cross and was crushed by them...FOR US.

In addition to all of that, Christ also LIVES for us! He is truly man and truly GOD! The grave could not hold Him. The gates of Hell were brought to their knees by His triumph over death, the devil and sin. All of this He did...FOR US.

And we have that precious gem, that gift beyond all price, that treasure because God loves us. We have been given the glories of sonship because God loves us. We have been given all of this, not because we have deserved it, but because Christ alone has earned it. And He bids us take it. He bids us live it. He bids us love it. All because He has loved us.

This gift, this priceless jewel of the Gospel, so perfect in its simplicity, so awesome in its complexity, and so easily overlooked by our sinfulness. This is the grace of God. This is the peace of God. And it is this peace of God that is found in Jesus Christ, it is this peace of God that confounds and surpasses all human understanding. And it is that peace of God that dwells in the hearts of His saints.


kerner said...

This is really good stuff. I'd try to come up with something to add, but it stands alone.

Jim Roemke said...

Well, dear brother Kerner, I'd like to take credit for it, but I've done nothing but say what God has done for us through Christ.