Sunday, September 19, 2010

From "Roemke's Dogmatics, vol. I" On Heresies

Poop Brownie-A little bit of heresy mixed with what looks to be, for the most part, orthodox theology. A poop brownie (Lat. Fecal Crustulum, lit. "poo-pastry") is most often found in a church that says it believes in the "fundamentals" of Christianity but rejects those fundamentals with heretical or unorthodox practice (as in the Divine Service).
The point: no matter how much or how little poop may be in a brownie, and no matter how good the brownie may be otherwise, it would not be prudent or wise to eat a brownie with any amount of known poop in the mix.

This point was made in Bible Study this morning while discussing Pietism, Rationalism, Romanticism and Revivalism as an introduction to the study of Walther's Law and Gospel

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