Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Moving Video

One of my adult catechumens shared this with me this morning and it really made my day! Hope you enjoy it too.


Joel Woodward said...

That it hilarious! I wonder if they spent more money on moving it then they did producing that film?

Lutheran Lucciola said...

This is absolutely adorable and hysterical. Fantastic production, too.

I'm stealing this.

Rev. Luke T. Zimmerman said...

Pr. Roemke:

That was old Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) in rural Audubon, Iowa, which was moved after the parish disbanded. (The parish was in the neighboring circuit of my former parishes in West Central Iowa.) Now the building serves as a "chapel" in a municipal park setting in Manning, Iowa. I had the privilege of preaching in the relocated building for their Circuit's Reformation Service in 2006.

It was quite the move, as you could see. Pr. Bradley Ketcham in Audubon could tell you more about that church and the project (as heart-rending as it was for some of the former members).

Interesting to see the video; thanks for sharing it.