Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moving Day... Again (sigh)

At least this one is permanent! It is so weird moving into a house, let alone a house that is OURS! But it is really great too! This will make 5 moves in 41/2 years for us. Hopefully we will have no moves for the next 5 plus years! We are having a lot of help this morning to move and my super secretary and her mom (a soon to be member) are making lunch for the moving crew. Lesa's Dad, Mom and sis are coming up from Auburn with a truck and trailer to help us move. My Dad is still busy with the harvest, but he did give the great encouraging speech: "You're a home owner now, just wait until your furnace goes out, your pipes freeze, blah, blah, blah." Thanks for the great encouragement, Dad!

Oh well, pray that this move would go well for us, please!

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