Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Reason We Have Creeds

The Creed builds up in you what you ought to believe and confess in order to be saved.
--St. Augustine, Sermons for the Recent Converts, Homily 214.1.

We have begun studying the Lutheran Confessions in our men's Thursday morning Bible Study. It is so perfect and right that the Confessions begin with our catholic confession of the orthodox Christian faith in the Creeds. They truly do build us up to believe and confess as we ought.

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Gary said...

This is a great topic to be taking up in your men's group.

You might be interested in a project to change the thinking of American Evangelicals on the matter of Creeds and why they're important. If so, surf over to and take a look around. If it turns out to be something you'd like to know more about, contact me, Gary Held,