Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Good Analogy

You remember in those standardized tests the questions that went something like this:

Hard is to Soft as Cold is to Hot.
Common questions used to test a persons ability to make analogies and to understand the levels on which two different things are being compared.
A few weeks ago after one of my classes, one of the new fathers in my class said that he has seen devices for fathers to breast feed their babies. I was totally grossed out! Now, if there is some extraordinary reason that this needs to be done to keep the baby alive, that is one thing. But for men to "breast feed" their babies just because? That is just weird!

But it got me thinking about an analogy to male breast feeding. So, here goes:

Male breast feeding is like

Female Ordination.

Both go against some of the fundamentals of the order of creation. There was a time when both grossed people out and were laughable if not completely unthinkable.

I think this is a good analogy. Some people will not see anything wrong with males breast feeding, but I think everyone knows that it is fundamentally wrong. And the reasons it is fundamentally wrong are the same reasons it is fundamentally wrong for women to be pastors.

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