Thursday, June 01, 2006

Church Mural

A couple of months ago the Sunday School Superintendant of the church asked me if I could paint a mural for the Family Life Center. I told her I'd be happy to and made a suggestion of what I'd like to paint. This is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. The tasks of a Vicar! Oh the variety!


Chaz said...

That's absolutely beautiful!

-Another vicar, one who could not in a million years accomplish what you accomplished there!

Jim Roemke said...

Well, I'm no Rublev or Michaelangelo, but I like to put to use the gifts God has given me to His glory. Thank you for the compliment and blessings as (I assume) you finish up your vicarage.

Lynn of St. John's said...

This morning as my husband Don read our Daily Devotion for the Feast of Pentecost from CPH Portals of Prayer
"Everything Grows in the Light" it reminded me of the mural our Lord has blessed us with through your time , talents, and treasures :

Everything Grows In The Light

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness. John 8:12

The textures, colors, and moods of the world are shaped by light. The living things of earth depend on light. As the sun’s rays cascade down on the earth, flowers bloom, trees lift their branches up, and blades of grass reach for the sky—all drawn by the light.

In a similar way, we grow in God’s light. Baptismal grace; bread and wine, body and blood; Absolution: each act lifts up our hearts and spirits, renewing and regenerating us in our Savior, Jesus.

In contrast, in the darkness of night, we find that place where fear of the unknown is greatest, where growth is inhibited, and where colors melt into a monochrome world of shapes and shadows. We do not find joy and peace here. Rather, a dark world is a threatening and insecure world. The deepest darkness is the darkness of sin and death.

However, as we are drawn to look into the face of Christ, revealed in His holy Word, we find joy and peace. In fact, we find, God’s light. Jesus, the light of the world, shines all around us in His Word, helping us to grow in faith, guiding us along the right path, and strengthening us to care for others in need. God’s light in Christ saves us from the shadow-world of sin and death and makes our world beautiful and alive.

Shine upon me, Jesus, my Lord, that I may walk in the light of Your gracious love, both now and forever. Amen.

With Love and Respect,
Windows Ministry

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

The FLC will never be the same.

-Mostly Rev Former Vicar

Jim Roemke said...

Thank you for the compliment. It was a pleasure for me to do and I hope it lasts for many years as a reminder of the Good News we have been given in Christ.