Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Weird Pictures

Last night my good wife, Lesa, went through all my blog posts and edited them. Apparently I am not perfect and needed to have some errors corrected. That's what wives are for.

She asked me where I got my picture for my profile. I told her I took it myself and that it was one of my favorite self-pics. She told me that she couldn't quite figure it out, but there was something wrong with it and she really didn't like it.

I had taken the picture of myself in a mirror. The reason I liked it is because that is how I always see myself. That is the same reason my wife disliked it. She never sees my reflection and it looked off to her.

I"ll leave you, the good reader, to make your own theological connections to this. I just thought it was interesting that how I see myself and how my wife sees me is different. What I like is not what she likes and vice versa.

If you want a picture of yourself that you'll like, take it in a mirror!

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